Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya for North Indian Classical Vocal Music
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PJIM Guru Shishya Tradition

The art of singing is a traditional art, and especially our institute is based on the traditional teaching of the Mewati Gharana. In ancient India, every aspiring student had to prove that he or she was capable to learn before he or she was accepted by the Guru as a "Shishya". After accepting the Shishya, the Guru would impart all the knowledge to the Shishya and the Guru did not expect any money in return for the tutelage. In return, the student would stay with and follow the Guru everywhere and help out with the upkeep of the Gurukul. The only expectation the Guru had was that the Shishya would continue to enrich music and carry the tradition forward. Thus giving his or her guru, their Gurudakshina.

PJIM has been following and will always follow the "Guru Shishya" tradition. Our director,Triptiji,wants to spread this divine music to anyone who is seriously interested. The student does not have to prove their capability before being accepted. It should be clear to each and every student who joins PJIM that the chance to learn music under a Guru is a priceless opportunity. One cannot put a price tag on divine music that touches one's soul.

PJIM Monthly Fees

PJIM charges a reasonable monthly fee so that PJIM can be the premier institution it is envisioned to be. The monthly fee covers barely the expense towards the Institute's facilities, utilities and other costs that are required to keep it on a firm foundation. In that sense, true to the "Guru Shishya" tradition, students are NOT paying for the music lessons, but are contributing towards the maintenance of this premier Institute and advancing the fine art of music. It is not possible to put a monetary value on any art and calculate a fee in terms of the hours of learning or the number of classes in a month. We are confident that you will agree with this thought process, especially since the fees are very reasonable.

For more information about the admission process and the fees, please contact us.